Alfred Jenks & Son was a prominent manufacturer for the textile industry as well as small arms prior to the start of hostilities, establishing themselves in Bridesburg, Pennsylvania in 1819. Their first contract was July 13, 1861, and unlike others actually delivered a significant number of arms in 1862. At their peak they were crafting 5,000 arms a month. Sometime in 1863 they changed production to the 1863 model. In total, they produced some 98,464 arms, second only to Springfield Armory.

1862 or 1863 BRIDESBURG: $60


Addison M. Burt and James T. Hodge each contracted with the government on December 26, 1861 for 50,000 arms. They combined their resources (but still technically separate companies) and rented out the Trenton Locomotive & Machine Company in New Jersey. Burt ended up producing 11,495 and Hodge 10,500 arms for the federal government. Both were marked "Trenton" and dates of 1863 and 1864. Additionally, an unknown quantity were sold to the state of New Jersey. These are marked "NJ" on the barrel flat and opposite the lock.

1863 TRENTON: $60

M1861 Contractor Lockplates

Of the 900,000 M1861 Rifle Muskets produced, only 33,572 were made in 1861 at the Springfield Armory and only 265,000 were produced in total at Springfield before production switched to the M1863. Yet the only lockplate available to reenactors are 1861 Springfield. Make your musket unique and represent the thousands of contractor made muskets. I now have complete "TRENTON", "BRIDESBURG", "1862", and "1863" as single stamps to insure quality and uniformity.