This is a Type II MJ&G Rifle. It features a 33" .58 caliber barrel marked "N C / P", brass furniture (with the exception of a steel buttplate), lockplate marked "M J & G / N C" and "C.S. / 1863", MJ&G stock cartouche, pinned sling swivels, a cupped rammer with threaded end, and an American Black Walnut Stock with period correct Boiled Linseed Finish.

Mendenhall, Jones, and Gardner Rifle

The state of North Carolina produced approximately 6,000 State Contract Rifles during the Civil War. These weapons were all the same basic design-based of the M1841 "Mississippi" Rifle-with slight variations between them. Among the 6 manufacturers, the firm of Mendenhall, Jones, and Gardner was the largest, producing 2,239 rifles between July 1862 to October 1864.

There rifles are sold through the fine folks over at Lodgewood.

To build this rifle, I start with an Antonio Zoli Rifle, using the barrel, lockplate, trigger assembly, swivels, and nosecap. I remove the modern markings and restamp all the metal parts. The stock, rammer, buttplate, barrel bands, and side plate  are new American production.